hollywood casino buffet st louis

Your Ultimate Entertainment Destination

The most well known of the Hollywood Casino Buffets is one in the Old Navy Building, next to Terminal E. The HBC and the Southland Mall used to be one of the best places to spend an afternoon. The amazing restaurants at HBC attracted movie stars and movie directors and the theater in the Mall was a nice place to see the movies.

The Old Navy Building now houses the offices of the Hotels of America but has been converted into a unique space that will be great for a Hollywood Casino Buffet. The event center is free and open and if you are a VIP you get free drinks and food. In addition to the Restaurant at Old Navy the Hollywood Casino Buffet at HBC has a second location in the Southland Mall.

The Alamo Drafthouse Theater, is located in the former Varsity Theatre and has plenty of room for a Hollywood Casino Buffet. The Drafthouse Theater is now the largest theater in the country. The three screens will give you all the options of watching movies in a three screen setting. For a budget setting the second movie screen is well worth the additional money you pay for it.

The Shanghai Hotel and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel have Chinese Buffets. They are relatively new but the food and service are excellent. They also have dining rooms with free Wi-Fi and room service.

Other places you may want to go are the Hollywood Casino Dining Room and Grill. The Hollywood Casino Buffet has many choices on the menu and they also have the movies scheduled on the TVs throughout the restaurant. This is very convenient for those who cannot make it to the theater. Some of the local and worldwide leaders, celebrities and record producers go to this location to enjoy the many choices of food and drink and to have fun with their fans.

Other great things to do while visiting Hollywood include the Las Vegas Motel and the MGM Grand, and the Las Vegas Sunset Resort. These locations are located in Downtown Hollywood and are exciting places to go to visit the great restaurants and casinos. The Strip will also be a good place to go for shopping and entertainment.

The selection of food in the Hollywood Casino Buffet is simply amazing. You will never have a chance to eat as much as you like or be as full as you would like.