Told in flashback, the movie has some very well-placed shot sequences to set the scene of a future world where all is non-existent except for one, or two, big cities. The story opens with the words “That’s It!” and soon enough we have an idea of what Told In flashback was trying to convey.

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“That’s It” is a story of two siblings, Jane (Anna Paquin) and Larry (Jack Huston). It takes place in a future world where all the cities are large, many are dirty, and people are stripped bare. So, essentially, each of these cities is the Wasteland. When you take the two young children into each of these cities, it is not long before they become instant citizens.

Told In flashback opens on a Casino Toledo where the children find the main character Mickey (Scott Glenn), a part of an outside investor group looking to rebuild this city. Their main problem is finding skilled workers in the area. And once they have found them, they need to move fast because they need to rebuild a much larger city, the Wasteland. In the Wasteland, the city will be small, beautiful, and without electricity. The two children must adjust to their new life of poverty.

The movie quickly moves into a short time in a hotel which could be for one thing, Or it could be a year in Disneyland. After going there, the family gets separated as a result of an accident. Larry is taken to a Power Plant, where he finds himself interacting with other children. They are sent by the Power Plant to do some work for them and they soon become extremely skilled workers in their new environment.

Soon after that, the city is attacked by some foreign military forces, who are being escorted by some Robots called ‘Tankers’. The problem is the local gang leader discovers what is happening and tries to hold them off until the Power Plant gets blown up, leaving a trail of corpses in his wake. The father, a Vietnam War veteran, does not like the way his son has been tricked, and he kidnaps him.

The next few scenes give us a look at the life of a devastated Mickey and his family in the Wasteland. You can tell right away that the two children would be working for low wages, but soon enough they become skilled workers in their own right. They soon join a network of people and become known as Told In flashback. After a while, these two children become extremely skilled at what they do.

The movie continues to move in one of the Toyotas, and after walking away from that, we quickly see the aftermath of the power plant explosion. It turns out the location of the city has become the largest warehouse in the region. This means the areas to the south of the power plant have been largely vacant, but now they are full of Hotels.

One thing that I did like about Told In flashback was the visual effects. It was cool to see lots of light blinks in time. There was also an incredible use of sound effects that made me feel like I was right there in the future.