hollywood casino in bay st louis mississippi

Experience Hollywood Casino In Bay St Louis, Mississippi

Have you ever wanted to spend some time in the heart of Hollywood, but didn’t have the time to spend a night in a hotel or motel? If this is the case, the answer to your problem will be the Mississippi Casino in Bay St Louis, Mississippi. The Mississippi Casino is just blocks away from some of the finest shopping and dining that you will find anywhere.

Spend some time exploring the beautiful sights and sounds of the movie industry in one of the many entertainment venues that are scattered all over town. The Mississippi Casino was built in the 1920’s as a place for writers to visit and rest after their tours of duty. Today, it has been transformed into a luxury resort. Each room is adorned with a classic romantic theme complete with wallpaper and pillows that are like no other.

Goings-On – You’ll also find there are many more than a few televisions tuned to HBO. If you’re interested in the latest in TV, the gaming area includes a number of different table games like Texas Hold’em, Roulette, and Poker. Whatever your taste, there’s something for everyone here. You’ll find plenty of movie-theater-style seats and even a simulator theater complete with popcorn and drinks. You can even choose from a selection of games including the ubiquitous video poker.

Interesting Things to Do – For those of you who enjoy getting up close and personal with nature, the Grand Hyatt & Suites Hotel & Spa is just steps away. If you would like to spend some quality time alone, you can take a tour of the nearby gardens or soak in a hot tub or two. Or if you would like to dance, the Walt Disney Family Museum is available for your enjoyment. Those of you who love to be entertained by the arts can enjoy live performances on a weekly basis. Everything is freeso you’ll never get stuck in a price trap.

Relax and Meet Friends – If you would like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and just hang out for a little while, the Mississippi Casino in Bay St Louis, Mississippi offers just that. Most of the staff knows the local area quite well. You can even order drinks and snacks from the bar. You’ll be able to meet new people and make new friends when you go. It’s the perfect setting for just about any type of occasion.

Blackjack – It’s not necessary to know the game, but the idea is that you must sit down at a table and deal with a number of cards. Play here and you might find yourself scoring a win at the end of the night. With hundreds of people milling around, it’s possible to strike up a friendly conversation with someone sitting next to you. Chances are, you’ll be playing your favorite card game in no time. Don’t think you’ll be playing here all night, though, as the Mississippi Casino will only be open until midnight every day.

Celebrity Sightings – You may recognize some of the stars that frequent the Mississippi Casino in Bay St Louis, Mississippi at the movie premieres, conventions, or other special events. Their presence is likely to draw attention to their friends and family and to put them in a position to meet others in the same position. They can help even those who are traveling from far away. If they happen to catch a show during the interval between shows, there is likely to be a crowd waiting for them outside the casino to greet them.

Prices – The Mississippi Casino in Bay St Louis, Mississippi is available year round, whether you are in town for a visit or a long trip. The rates are reasonable, the atmosphere wonderful, and there is always something for everyone. Come for the water skiing, stay for the casinos, and leave with some savings tucked away in your wallet. What could be better?